Services: Development

DSW Commercial’s development team matches its array of services to the needs and objectives of each situation. A retailer, distributor or service business with plans for expansion may need DSW’s expertise in developing buildings in a number of markets. A landowner with sensitive needs that transcend market value may require a development partner or desire a qualified independent developer, who can be trusted to perform as promised and to be an effective partner from a community relations perspective.

Market Research. DSW provides in-house market research expertise, supported by state-of-the-art technology and software, to assess demographic mix, consumer lifestyles, market and competitive forces, regulatory climate, and comparable lease and sale prices in subject areas.

Anchor Tenant Identification and Procurement. DSW’s in-depth knowledge of and relationships with national and regional tenants speed the process for matching prospective users with development sites. While managing an efficient and unified development program, DSW accommodates the unique development processes used by each tenant.

Site Identification. DSW evaluates prospective sites utilizing market research, physical characteristics, governmental and community issues, potential development costs, values and schedules, and frequent client communication.

Site Acquisition. Whether simple or complex, site acquisitions are conducted to reduce development risk, minimize cost and optimize potential success.

Planning and Process Creation. Thorough project planning addresses the political climate, government jurisdictions, geophysical conditions, environmental concerns, traffic considerations and code compliance issues. DSW actively manages all planning, design and construction processes.

Entitlement Procurement. DSW systematically obtains all necessary legal approvals and documentation. Among these are planning and zoning approvals, local ordinance creation and adoption, utility review and permits, building permits, fire suppression approvals, storm water management approvals, highway department approvals, federal and state agency reviews, land disturbance permits, and all other entitlements required to start the development process.

Media Relations and Sales Material Development. Public image management throughout all project phases is critical to development success. DSW integrates skilled media relations, marketing and community relations to build effective partnerships with elected officials, government staff, community members and tenants.